Trick-or-Treat inside?
For real?

Yes, for real! When Covid19 threatened to cancel Halloween, we didn’t say, “Boo, hoo!” we said, “No thank you, 2020!” and cooked up a witchy plan to bring
trick-or-treating to your table.

Play Trick-or-Treat is currently only available as a download & print game.

The idea was hatched on September 21st, so there simply was not enough time to produce a physical product in time for Halloween. We’re not sorcerers.

We hope this game ushers a little FALLoween whimsy into your home.


~Audrey & Creedance

Play Trick-or-Treat—
a print & play board game

Play Trick-or-Treat™ is a printable PDF board game set. You bring the candy and the die, we’ll bring the puns—I mean fun.

Are you brave enough to roll the die and venture out into the haunted neighborhood where a flip of a card could determine your fate?

Will you get a sweet TREAT or a
spell-binding TRICK?

Trick & Treat cards

If luck is on your side, you’ll be the first trick-or-treater to reach the haunted house where the Graveyard ghosts are waiting to scare the lemonade out of you. But don’t worry, they’ll share their candy too.

Let the
ghoul times roll!
Play Trick-or-Treat™ a printable board game set. Halloween image 0
Play Trick-or-Treat game board
(shown assembled)

Printable Board game set includes 13 spooky pages (as well as optional pages):
1. Play Trick-or-Treat Game Board
4 pag
es (cut & tape)
2. 60 Trick & Treat Game Cards
9 pages (just cut)
3. Optional: Rules, Blank Cards (make-your-own), and Logo Page for double-sided cards.

“I vahz deeseahppointed to find zat zeese game does not suck!”

Neighborhood vampire

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